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Drawing workshop at the Spanish Cultural Center in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea/ 2016.

5th Art Exhibition presentation in Malabo

Equatorial Guinea/ 2016.

6th Art Exhibition presentation at the Emporium Center in Knoxville TN, USA/2018.

Desiderio Manresa Bodipo, artistically known as Mene Manresa, was born in the island of Annobon (Equatorial Guinea) in December 1979, from an early age, he began to study drawing, painting and ceramics at the Hispanic-Guinean Cultural Center in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.


With a lot of dedication and hard work, he became part of the Monte Alen project where he was able to expand his skills as an artist along with professional  artist from Spain. Mene Manresa as everyone knows him, has participated in several artistic competitions in Equatorial Guinea and has won several awards.


His work began to be shown to the public in 2007, at his first art exhibition. Mene also expanded his knowledge in graphic design, sculpture, animation and in the world of entertainment (circus) but where he stood out the most and continues to stand out is in his paintings.


In 2011 he did a cultural exchange tour in the USA funded by the NGO EG Justice. During his tour his paintings where shown in several universities and at Highlander Reserch & Education Center.


In his career as an artist, he has already presented 5 painting exhibitions. He is inspired by everyday factors of his environment, and he interposes them in an abstract and modern-realistic world. His work is unique, with vivid colors that impact you at first sight and make you navigate in his world of imaginary composition where shapes and objects merge with each other.


Mene Manresa Bodipo is considered one of the best young artists in his country, Equatorial Guinea, where culture and artistic expression are being absorbed by globalization and lack of focus in cultural sectors. However, as an artist with an expanded vision, he continues to grow day by day in his artistic side, showing us his talent and his ideas.



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